Ragnar Relay 2012 Cape Cod

I could not have picked a better group of people to run a 186 mile relay race with. Equipped with my ambassador jacket,Team Shake Weight t-shirt, actual shake weight (thanks Uncle Noel – gag gift no more!) and the rest of my running gear, I headed up to Cape Cod, MA with 12 other crazy people to take on this challenge yet again.

Of course we did it with a lot of laughs and learning along the way. Did you know that a human had a 50% DNA match to a banana? Or that there are no open container laws, while in cars, in Connecticut? Cheers to Connecticut indeed. Van 2  really started off the race right!

You can’t bring Swedes anywhere without them bringing beer. I’m not complaining 🙂 Poor Noah had to drive the rowdy bunch of us up there, but first order of business when we arrived was margaritas, so I think he made up for lost time. Best part of the first ride was learning that Nelson was allergic to shellfish and we must now try not to kill him during this race, accidentally. Good thing Euny brought an Epi Pen.

Race day 1 started out bright and sunny. After a few cupcakes and ::shakes:: we were off to the start line for our first runner from Van 1 to take off. This time we did not book a hotel room half way through the race because we were too fast last time and it would have been a waste. From this point on, no beer till P-town!

Euny had the best motivational sweatshirt by far. I think it full embodies what it takes to stay up all night, run 10+ miles (some with headlamps and reflective vests on) and party like crazy afterward. By exchange #6 we were already 45 minutes ahead of schedule.

Swedish powerhouse Olof helped to speed us up even more by easily puling out a 6:15 pace for 24+ miles. No big deal. With my three legs adding up to only 10.4 (they kept reducing the course even up to the day of the race) I was still only able to get down to an 8:20 for my shortest leg. Mind you that leg was in the dark where I kept thinking something was going to come out of the bushes and try to eat me.

Here I am, exhausted, passing the slap bracelet to the next runner. Good thing I didn’t have 20+ miles this time. I don’t think I would have made it. Those shirts really did come out good, if I say so myself. AND they were super comfy. Unlike last year there was no chaffing with my short shorts. Thanks for holding up thighs.

Many many legs later (I don’t want to bore you with all of the pictures) we were right on the money with my predicted schedule. Finishing only 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Granted there were a few times when we made a wrong turn and had to run through sand (damn you race directors!).

Alas, at races end we were able to grab some grub, brew, vino and blankets and head to the beach for some much needed R&R and goofing around. We watched the sunset go down over the cap before heading out for our last seafood dinner. I’m waiting to find out the total costs of everything we bought during the trip, but I’m pretty sure I did a good job on budget. That’ll be for next post. This one was for the pretty pictures.

Wicked fun,



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