NYRR NYC Half Pictures

NYRR always takes awful pictures of me at race and I have never had the urge to purchase them. But after a sub-2 hour half marathon this year at the New York City Half, I wanted to have something to commemorate the day. The finisher medal and certificate of course help, but having pictures of me out there is something I definitely want to see years from now to remember the day and the felling of being on the course. So in the spirit of being a good frugal gal, I used my screen grab program (Screen Capture by Google) to snag some low-res version.

I feel a mild twang of guilt, but NYRR, I already gave you $117 for the race. I’m not prepared to shell out more for mostly unflattering running pictures. Sometimes you just got to live on the wild side for budget management. The Screen Capture program is on the best that I have found. It allows you to grab a full website page, the visible portion, a page region or a screen region, giving it great versatility. I use it often in my website projects and it hasn’t failed me yet. A+ job google. So if you have Chrome. Check it out for sure.


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