The Great Googa Fail

Googa Mooga Fail

I’m sure many of you, like myself, were really looking forward the Great Googa Mooga festival in Prospect Park this past weekend. With the organizers of Bonaroo in charge it seemed to be a safe bet at an amazing time. Little did we know it was going to be a cluster f*ck of lines, lines, lines, oh and did I mention lines. Entering the park it looked to be a lovely affair. A very green bike valet was near the entrance. Great idea!

Upon arrival in the event at 2:00pm on Saturday we hoped to have a fun day in the Springtime sun, basking in the beautiful weekend weather and eating and drinking our faces off while listen to good music until the sun went down. By 2:10 our patience was already being tried. Cell service was lacking (except for mine – yeah Sprint!) so it was hard to find anyone that you didn’t come in with and even then you could walk a couple of paces behind and not know how you lost each other. There were so many people in this small space. And what were they all doing? Why waiting in line of course!

After 35 minutes in the I.D. line we were finally excited to get inside and grab a brew. Only when finally making it inside did we realize the magnitude of our problem. There was a line, more than 100 people deep waiting for the same thing. And many more lines waiting for food. First smart decision (or so it seemed) of the day – divide and conquer. Jen and Liz decided to get onto a line for food only to find out that it was the wrong line and the actually stall they were hoping to try ran out of food! CT and DH were on another the line for beer and I joined them. We waited for 1 hour and 45 minutes just to get 4 oz. over priced cups of Bluemoon and learn just how inept at counting the “bartenders” were. (Jen was overcharged $10, Christie was under charged $5). Liz grabbed us some tacos from Colleccio and Sons,  but by the time were were able to sit and eat them they were cold and unsatisfying and not to mention expensive ($12 for two tacos?!?!?).

I was shocking able to find two friends who were joining us out of sheer luck (Eunice & Grace). It still surprises me that we did. Grace thankfully jumped on the shortest line and brought us back from sausage and polenta to devour while we waited in line for the beer. We were starving and it was amazing! (But we still have no idea what stall it was from, oops!). So thankful that we found her. When it came time to find Ryan I opted for meeting him near the entrance to avoid the confusion that might ensue when he tried to find us on the lawn in a sea of hipsters, all strikingly reminding me of his roommate Adam. We were all able to get some rays and listen to Holy Ghost – I’m definitely going to be listening to more of them.

Ry and I stopped at the Crif Dog stall and picked up two chihuahua dogs and tots to round hold off over for a bit and get the experience of trying something new. And they were amazing. But, alas, the gals and I were too fed up with waiting in line all day and over priced food to stay any longer and left 30 minutes before the Roots were set to play. We ventured to Billyburg to try to get Fette Sau (too crowded – NO MORE LINES!) and instead settled for Surf Bar. You know I was out of it at this point when I ordered the parpadelle and lobster pasta instead of getting a burger and didn’t even want to try a burger.

All in all, it was a fun day because of the people and would have been more fun if Googa Mooga were more organized. I’ll definitely try going again in the future in hopes that they iron out the kinks. I’m thinking bigger venue guys or limit the number of tickets? Don’t ya think?


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