Networking for MBAs

Great new articles in Bloomberg Business Week about Networking for MBAs was posted today. As I’m getting closer to D-day, I plowing through as many articles as possible to get the best tips as I move forward in my career. I find myself at times to be very shy (something I really need to get over) but I don’t want that to get in the way of my networking. So I’m going to following the steps laid out in the article.

STEP 1: Create you elevator pitch

STEP 2: Make an A-List (people who work for companies I want to work for) and a B-List (people with potential connections to people at companies I want to work for)

I plan to use my network of current and past employers, LinkedIn, my BU alumni network and my future business school network for these lists. (note: I reached out previously to a former BU alumni who runs the Sports Marketing network and she was very unhelpful and gave me the “I’m doing you a favor” attitude that was not very supportive. Needless to say I ceased contact with her immediately. I want contacts to want to talk to me, in the same way that I talk to friends or friends who want to get involved in advertising. Not all people will be responsive and positive, so good luck with your networking and be prepared for rejection.) 

STEP 3: Develop a plan for outreach

STEP 4: Return the favor (provide them with useful knowledge)

STEP 5: Spread the Word (let people who helped you along the way know where you ended up and keep in touch)

I’m going to get started on my elevator pitch and A- & B-Lists tonight. No time like the present. I am in the perfect mindset having already completed my long and short CV for ESADE and started thinking about how I am going to get to my ultimate goal.

I’m also going to create my own “STEP 0.” With the encouragement of my mom I’m going to create an online portfolio to showcase the work that I have done, my CV, organizations I belong to, volunteer work and everything there is to know about me that employers would find interesting and relevant to my future with them. I plan to include a link in my Thank You emails so that they can learn a little more about me, as they are making their decisions.

I hope this was as helpful for you as it was for me.


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