Running This Town – Barcelona Edition

The greatest excitement that I have about Barcelona is thinking about all of the race that I am going to be able to run in beautiful sunny España. I’ve already found the group of people who are going to be part of the running club. Speaking of Running Club, I think that is one place that I am going tTory to make my mark at ESADE. I hope to gain an officer position and further my cause of get a position in sports marketing post-graduation.

I already have a wonderful list of runs, provide by the fabulous blogger at Running Trip and some new friends at ESADE.

At lot of these websites are written in Catalan making it harder for me to figure out how to enter the races. Nothing a little babelfish can’t help. Do you know of other can’t miss races in Barcelona?


5 thoughts on “Running This Town – Barcelona Edition

  1. Hi!! Hope you’ll enjoy all this races!! But if you want to discover the city on a different way, enjoy a run with You’ll have a great experience! If you’re interested, check out our running routes on the web!
    And sure we will run the Barcelona Marathon, we will meet there!

  2. hola! I got on your blog from a reblog of mydiagonal and I was surprised by how many things we have in common 😀 like, I was also at Mumfords’ concert ;D
    I’m a beginner runner (using the runkeeper app too, lol) and I’m interested in the 10km jean-bouin race (never run any race before, but really want to start!) but no website for 2013 edition :-/ so not even sure inscription is still open… do you know something? will you run it?

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