Budgeting for Barcelona – Part III: Travel

Tomorrow is the big day that I crack the piggy bank open for my next tuition payment or what ESADE calls a “Reservation Fee”. Who knew it would be more than $17,000 to reserve my place in an MBA program? Gah! But it will all be worth it and the next two payments will come from my student loan.

I’ve updated my Barcelona Budget so that I can end up saving a bit more on daily expenses through the 15 months that I will be unemployed. This is mainly because I realize that I’m going to want to travel when I am in Europe and I’d like to be able to do as much as possible before I head back to the States.  I also just watch the Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations episode on Spain last night and realized that I’m also going to want to sample a lot of delicious things in Spain. I’d much rather skimp on housing than eating.

So here’s a sample of the new budget. I decreased housing to €600, utilities to €150, food to €300 (meaning groceries and lunches) and misc to €340. I may not even spend up to these amounts in misc and food, but it’s always good to account for them. With this change I now have about €12,000 to travel with (up from ~€7,200).

At the end of the year, I of course hope to not have spent this money in full and any surplus I can use to start paying back my loans early. And speaking of paying back things, you may notice a large line item for credit card bills, I still have a bit that I want to pay back before leaving in August. I’m going to take a large chunk out of that this summer, when I am no longer paying rent. Three months rent free are going to be amazing!

Now to decide where to go and more importantly where to eat. I’ll definitely be taking a trip to Madrid to visit my friend and cousin. Another to Paris to visit a college friend. And another to London to visit a Team in Training running buddy. San Sebastian is also high on the list and Bordeaux (which both seam to be no more than 5 or 6 hours away). Now this is the kind of budget planning that I really like!


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