Le Grande Classique – Paris to Versailles

10-miler Paris to Versailles

As I was facebooking (new word) today at work, I noticed my friend Olya signed up for a 10 mile race between Paris and Versailles. The first thought I had was will I be in Europe then? Turns out it’s on September 30 and I will be! Sign me up!

This will be a great way to have a quick weekend trip to Paris and get in another international race. I have a co-worker/intern at my company who will be moving back to Paris in September and an old BU colleague who is living there. It would be great to see them for the weekend. And I’m sure I can recruit some ESADE runners to join me. It’s right after our pre-term ends.

And the best things is it won’t be too pricey registration is €26, a flight with Ryan Air is €58 and I might be able to find a friend to stay with, but I’m sure a cheap hotel room for one night wouldn’t be bad either!

I know what I’ll be planning tomorrow!


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