NY Bucket List: Homemade Pizza, Cafe Haba, Third Avenue Street Fair and J.G. Melon

It might be a weird bucket list thing, but Ryan and I made this amazing homemade pizza a few months back and have been dying to recreate it. After spending a lot last weekend with Memorial Day fun, we decided this was the perfect opportunity to spend as little as possible and eat in. With a quick trip to Food Emporium we were able to get everything we needed for under $20 – frozen pizza dough, mozzarella cheese, tomato paste, Brown ‘n’ Serve Beef Sausage and Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon. A meat lovers special like no other! It came out as delicious as expected.

Before we dug into the pizza Ryan found another great gem in the frozen foods section. Frozen samosas! Who knew they even existed. The were filled with potato and peas and surprisingly amazing. We paired it with some teriyaki and other sauces that we had in the fridge, but we were craving the mango sauce from Yuva.

Lastly, we were able to get this great deal again from my local wine store. 3 bottle of Montepulciano for $15. That’s right $5 a bottle! Now that is a deal we couldn’t pass up. We drank one during dinner and the second during the awful movie we rented from the Blockbuster machine, Chronicle, for $3. It definitely should be been one of those $1 movies. And, I have the last bottle for my birthday celebration this coming weekend.

The next morning we awoke for a quick run in the park and noticed a street fair being set-up on Third Avenue. Score! Another of my favorite things to do in New York adding itself to my bucket list and being checked off immediately. But before we stopped at the fair we enjoyed a quick breakfast of muffins and coffee from Cafe Haba. A cute, local coffee stop I have be wanting to stop in for a while. There was seating and a friendly staff. Great little spot to stop in for a quick, cheap ($7.40 for two coffees and two muffins) breakfast. We decided to take it to go and relax in the apartment and watch some free HBO go on the roku.

Later, at the fair, we saw this great band of elementary school students – Caribbeat – playing Steel Drums to Bob Marley songs and other Caribbean favorites and strolled down the length of the fair deciding what we wanted to try to eat. With so many options and having just eaten breakfast it was hard to fit anything else inside!

So we decided on something very small at the only Thai stand. We got chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce and fresh lemonade. And it was delicious!

Later that day, after drinking some Prosecco on my stoop with Christie and her friends Brienne and Greg, I headed to another food fest of the night. Early dinner and drinks at J.G. Melon, home of the best burger in New York City, in my humble opinion. And it never fails to be delicious. I meet up with my friend Anthony to catch-up about our lives and cross off this other bucket list item. We each had a burger and shared an order of cottage fried potatoes – these mini circular french fries. And had two beers. That ran us only $30 each!

After leaving J.G. Melon we wanted a nice outdoor bar for another quick drink since it was still early. So we headed to 2nd Avenue and went to Doc Watson’s the outdoor seating was full but in the back of the pub the window’s were open out to the terrace below, so we sat by the window and it was like we were out doors. After another beer (that Anthony treated me to because he can’t make my birthday picnic) we said goodbye and went out separate ways.

As if she could read my mind I got a text from my roomie that she was at Session 73, a local bar with live music that was pretty tame at 9:30 pm. Which was good because I didn’t want to go out crazy that night. I had two beers one from Greg (thanks!) and one from Kaveh, our neighbor, (thanks!) and then called it a night. At this point we were smashed and it was only 11:30.

The next morning was a little rough. I finished my sausage for a nice greasy hangover breakfast, watched movies on HBO go and relaxed. A great weekend crossing things off the list and only spending $55.66. I’ve got $31 for the next 11 days. I don’t think it will be an issue, since I have groceries in the house and my birthday coming up this weekend. After this great weekend it’s bittersweet to be back at the office now watching the rain fall in sheets. Hopefully next weekend will be as bright and sunny as this one way, because I have a lot more planned!


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