TECCS Read, Write and Run 5K: Jersey City

My fabulous friend Tracy organized her very own 5K to raise money for her son’s school in Jersey City this past week and I and a few other friends headed over to support her. This was my first ever time on the PATH (hence my random picture taking) so I wanted to document everything. It was fairly easy to get there, though it did take a lot of time. 6 train to World Trade Center, PATH to Exchange Place, Lightrail to Liberty State Park and then walking to the water front. All in all 2 hours. Phew!

After a nice scenic 20 minutes walk we finally knew we were going the right direction when we start the first sign for registration. Tracy did an amazing job organizing everything.

There was a great turn out for the event with more than 200 runners and probably even more for the kids race. On this sweltering day it was good to have other people around to motivate you during the race.

Here’s Tracy keeping everyone in check with her walkie-talking and ensuring that the kids race goes off without a hitch.

It was too humid for my taste so I didn’t get to PR during the race (actually I did the complete opposite – having to stop multiple times to prevent getting lightheaded) but you can’t have a good race every time. Here’s me and my friend Miguel (an ambassador for Clif Bar) after I got a chance to catch my breath and get a little water.

Tracy had a lot of great volunteers helping her with all duties on race day, without them it would not have been such a success!

Road ID was one of the race sponsors. Here’s Kim and Miguel showing off their IDs. I think I’m definitely going to get one of these since I’ll be racing internationally soon.

Sara D., my speedy speedy friend won third place in the 30-39 age group. The second time she has place in a race in NJ. I’m sure she’ll be coming back from more NJ races soon!

One of the best part of the race was the location with an awesome view of Lower Manhattan. Can’t get any better than that! I’m so proud of Tracy for planning all of this by herself. She did a phenomenal job and was able to raise a good amount for The Ethical Community Charter School (TECCS). Not to mention her cute little boy coming in first place in his age group against kids up to 14 years old.


4 thoughts on “TECCS Read, Write and Run 5K: Jersey City

  1. Great recap! I absolutely loved this race and thought it was well organized and fun. I came in 2nd in my age group but didn’t realize, and didn’t stick around so I didn’t know I would have gotten a medal!

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