Travel Essentials on a Budget

I’ve been gearing up, literally, for my forthcoming move to Barcelona. It’s quite an expensive venture to move abroad, so I’ve been trying to find as many ways to save as possible. I’m not splurging on any non-essentials and trying to get the best deals on the things that are absolutely necessary.

1. duffle 2. Adaptor Kit 3. Power Cord (Spain) 4. iPad Shield 5. luggage

Since there will be a lot of stuff to move I opted for a large rolling duffle bag. I made sure it was lightweight and sturdy but still at a discount. I found this great deep purple one for only $39.99 (with s&h) at Overstock. I often forget about that website, but was pleasantly surprise at what I found once a co-worker recommended it to me again.

I don’t plan to buy new devices aboard so the Apple World Traveler Adaptor Kit, $46.82 (with s&h), and MacBook Power Cord, $22.95, designed for use in Spain are going to come in hand. I also made sure to protect my iPad during travel with the Belkin Snap Shield, $29.99.

Lastly, I need a bit more luggage to get all of my belonging to their new homes. Though, I’m probably going to only use one or two items I bought this 4-piece set from Amazon because the price was right! For $84.79 I get a 28″, 24″, 19″ and carry-on bag. And all of the reviews are great, so I don’t have to worry about them holding up. And don’t you just love the pattern! I’ll be traveling in style and won’t lose my bags in a sea of black suitcases.

Together I’ve only spent $222.24!


4 thoughts on “Travel Essentials on a Budget

  1. Nice list. And wow, I can’t believe you got 4 suitcases for $85! You might be able to use the 19″ one as a carry-on too, depending on how deep it is.

  2. Marsha says:

    I’m so jealous you’re moving to Barcelona! My only travel ventures are around the USA for Dish business trips, so I guess jealous is an understatement! I wouldn’t have even thought to bring an adapter for my iPad, that’s how novice I am at venturing overseas. Being stranded without an iPad would be torture, especially with airport layovers. I’ve grown very accustomed to surviving airports by tapping into my home TV from my Dish Remote Access app through the sling adapter. Getting a chuckle in while watching 30 Rock is the only way to keep my sanity during unpredictable flight delays. How long was your flight to Barcelona? I hope it went smoothly.

    • Hi Marsha! Thanks for the comment. The world adaptor kit is key, it really small and portable and has adaptors for all countries. I’m so glad Apple makes it! My iPad has been a savior on my daily commute – I have HBO go and Optimum, so I completely understand the attachment to Dish! I haven’t yet set off to Barcelona – I set off on August 16, and I can’t wait! I leave NY at 5:40 on a Thursday and arrive Barcelona time at 10:10 the next morning (I have a stop over in Dublin, for the cheaper ticket). So about 10.5 hours of travel, but definitely worth it! Hopefully you can plan an international trip soon!

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