Read the Fine Print for Savings

I’ve been working on getting everything that I need for travel, including all of the wardrobe staples that I have been putting off buying for a year. In an effort to still stay as frugal as possible I went to to get the most bang for my buck. I knew they were going to have cute affordable things in my budget and it would be one stop shopping.

I was able to get the following:

  • Classic 5 Pocket Skinny Jeans – $10.80
  • Dark Skinny Ankle Jeans – $10.50
  • Aviator Sunglasses  – $5.80
  • 6 Pairs of Undies – $19.02
  • Studded Tote – $32.80
  • Knit Herringbone Tights – $9.80

With tax and FREE shipping it was all only $94.39! But wait, when you check out you have the option of getting a copy of Nylon Magazine for year, at no additional cost, for spending over $75.

Knowing that I am going to leave the country very soon, I definitely don’t need this magazine. I clicked for more details anyway and found out that I can get a $10 rebate if I don’t want the magazine. Score!! I immediate filled out the rebate information and mailed it in that day (the only way to go with rebates – do it right away). That means I’ll end up paying only $84.39 for everything I bought. I’m so glad I decided to read the fine print.


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