A Peak Inside My NYC Apartment

Now that I’m officially back in Long Island, I thought it would be a great idea to share some pics of my NYC apartment as I’m going to miss it so much. Most people’s perceptions are that all NYC apartments are small cramped spaces unless you have the big bucks. I wanted to show off our space so you could see that’s not always the case. The brick wall really sold this apartment for us.

In this two bedroom Upper East Side apartment we had enough room to each fit a dresser, bookshelf and full/queen size bed and desk and still have room to spare!

We even had large normal sized closets with mirrors of the door and storage space on top and a lot of bright light streaming through in the daytime.

Our kitchen had lots of cabinets, decent counter space and the most coveted appliance in all of Manhattan (beside the in apartment washer/dryer combo): a dishwasher!

The bathroom was pretty spacious too and covered in pink ceramic tile. I would show it, but I feel like bathrooms are a little more private. I hope you enjoyed this peak into my Manhattan apartment. I’ll miss it and all of the times I spent there greatly, but I won’t miss the $1,500 a month in rent.

So long NYC! I’m ready for a new chapter.


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