Necesito Practicar Mi Español

In anticipation of our arrival in Barcelona, ESADE sent us all a Spanish Placement Test from Instituto Cervantes to determine what class we will all fall into. My results are above. Intermediate level B1.1 – B1.2. Ouch! Not as good as I hope that’s I’d do after spending a large portion of my life studying Spanish. But not using it in almost 9 years does take its toll. I’m sure it will all come back to me in time, but I’m going to continue taking steps to get it back before I go. Here’s my plan:

Step 1: Continue Reading in Español

The first and only time I went to Spanish was in passing through to Lisbon when I was studying abroad in London. But I did make a great purchase – the first four Harry Potter books in Spanish!

I’m going to continue practicing my reading with these. I’m up to book two. The genius part is that I know the story so well that it helps in my translations in my head. The not so genius part is that I know the story so well I can skip past sentence that I don’t quite get and still get the gist of the story. Must try better to understand all sentences.

Step 2: Go back to basics

I found my high school Spanish workbook and have started making flash cards, through an app called Flashcardlet, to remember verb conjugations. I can’t wait to be able to no only speak in present tense, but remember past, imperfect, preterit, and all other tenses.

Step 3: Listen to simple Spanish and work your way up

Through Amazon Prime you can get free episodes of Plaza Sesamo (yes Sesame Street en Español) to view on your computer or device like a roku.  It’s a great way to hear Spanish that is not too complicated. I also was able to get a DVD of episodes from the library, though the wait was long.

As I move up, I will be listening to Notes in Spanish – A FREE beginnger’s Spanish podcast my friend Betty recommended. They go through different tenses and parts of speech and their are worksheets that you have to order.  I’m going to stick with the FREE recordings. They also have intermediate and advanced podcasts.

Step 4: Vino, Tapas y Conversación

I’m going to be getting together with a couple of future classmates after work to practice of Spanish together, only speaking in Spanish for a whole night. It’s a great way to just get out there and be able to revert back to English when I need to, to get the right words.

Step 5: Immersion

The final steps is going to happen when I get into Spanish and have to use my Spanish everyday.

I’m sure it will all come back in a few weeks and Steps 1 – 4 will ensure that I don’t have as hard a time as I thought I would.


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