Great iPhone App: – Bill Splitting App

Last night at dinner, with my friends Trish and Sara, I finally got a chance to use my new app, I heard about this app through another blog and immediately downloaded it. I’ve been at many a dinner where I was angry and frustrated at the end before I overpaid for someone else’s drinking or more expensive meal, when we split the bill evenly. Never again! This cost conscious girl has an app for that and it’s phenomenal.

First you pick your party size. Then you can input what everyone has eaten. A is me, B is Trish and C is Sara (you can customize these fields with a three letter name, but as it was simple I didn’t).

As you can see Sara and I had much more expensive meals and drinks than Trish. So she shouldn’t have to pay more! After you input individual items you can input items that were shared and who with.

 We had a $6 appetizer split between the three of us. So there are Xs in all fields. I can’t wait to use this for a more complicated bill!

Lastly you input the amount of tax and tip (in percentage). Then watch the magic happen.

Voila! Completely itemized bill for each person. Amazing! I love this app. Look at the discrepancy between the three bills. Trish would have paid $6.42 over wait she ate if we just split it three ways! I know that sounds paltry, but in a different situation it could add up to so much more. I’ll be using this many more times in the future.


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