London 2012 – Frustrating Time Difference of Coverage

I ended work on July 27 partially because it was a Friday, but more importantly because I want to obsessively watch the 2012 Olympic Games unhindered. So it irks me greatly when the events are not show close to when they are aired. ESPECIALLY the Phelps/Lochte Feud in the 400 IM. To learn the results of the race on the internet hours before it aires on NBC really put a damper on things. How can I truly be into the race when I already know who wins? In the age of rapid transfer of information, NBC, you made a rookie mistaken.

Now I’m going to have to sweat off the internet until I see the Track & Field, Gymnastics and Marathon live. But, oh wait, in order to find out what time those events are on, I have to go on your site where you’re already broadcasting the results. Ridiculous! I’d rather wake up at 5am to see an event live then have it ruined. Grrr!

Go Team USA!


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