Colbchella ‘012

By now all you Colbert fans have seen this weeks show that feature the events at Stefest Colbchella Rocktaugustfest ‘012, so these pictures won’t ruin your fun, and I wouldn’t want to do that! This small concert above the Intrepid was amazing and well worth the hours waiting in line. I go tickets through my dad, which was awesome, so I brought my friend Crystal along to enjoy four great performance. And we were in the closing on Tuesday , though a little blocked by the logo. So that’s pretty exciting!

Here are a few pics of the event:

FREE Americone Dream while waiting in line

The crowd on the Intrepid

The show was held on the flight deck

Sporting my dad’s Colbchella hat

We got three free drinks and a snack with our entries. Pretty sweet deal for a free show. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let us buy any additional beers.

Stephen with his American flag

I took a lot of pictures of the four acts, Fun, Grizzly Bear, Santigold and the Flaming Lips, but they are to hard to see clearly. So I picked my favorite moment below when the Flaming Lips and Stephen teamed up for some silliness and crowd interaction.

Wayne Coyne and Stephen Colbert go into the bubbles

…And then onto the crowd in the bubbles!

A great show. I’m glad I got to go before leaving for Barcelona. A nice start to me last week in NYC and great way to say goodbye to my lovely friend Crystal. Here’s on final picture of us in the crowd for the closing scene.


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