Barcelona – Dia Uno

¡Hola Amigos! I have made it to Barcelona safe and sound. No lost baggage, not flight delays, no issues but the rude TSA people at JFK. Aer Lingus was cramped, but for the price it was definitely worth it.

The Barna Airport is great (though the air conditioning could be cooler – that’s pretty much true for all of Barcelona), it reminded me of arriving in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Gotta love palm trees! Beach town living, here I come!

As soon as we got off the plane we hit the ground running. After checking into Aparthotel Silver in Gracia, my dad and I took a taxi to set-up my bank account and get a pay-as-you-go SIM from Vodafone. After that there was still no time to rest. I happened to arrive just when a Welcome Event was scheduled at ESADE. So I headed to Sant Cugat, taking my first FGC ride. It’s going to be a beautiful commute to class in the morning!

The beautiful scenery continues on the walk to campus. This beautiful red brick road runs through the park across the street. I’m definitely not going to mind seeing this everyday and spending time in the park during breaks, if there are any!

The ESADE Creaopolis building is massive and modern. This will be my home for the next year and a half.

After we attended the welcome presentation at the school it was back to Gracia for a lovely dinner at Sporting where the food, beer and wine just kept coming. We took over the whole restaurant and it was great. I got to meet so many of my future classmates, but I’m afraid I don’t remember too many names!

I didn’t capture every dish we had because I didn’t want my future classmates to know quite yet how much I love taking pictures of my food! But I captured the main meal (I got the steak – I know boring for first meal, but I could resist the meat!) and the fruit tart dessert.

Yum! After dinner it was straight to the hotel to sleep over the vino and jetlag. I can’t wait to tell you about day two!


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