La Taverna de Cura

This meals gets its own post because it was amazing! After I accidentally put my restaurant reservation into my calendar at the wrong time – oaf! – we decided to ask the restaurant for a recommendation of where to eat in the area. And we were not disappointed by La Taverna de Cura.

The ambiance was great and it was bright enough to get great pics.

To start we were given complimentary bread with tomato and olive oil, olives and onions, and potato chips. So much! I’m so used to just getting bread.

I convinced the parents that we should try a bottle of Cava and it was great. We had so much to eat that we didn’t finish it all, but it was well worth it.

For starters we had what the waiter called a “traditional catalan salad.” In reality it was veggies and goat cheese. Yum!

For my main dish, I went with the Pierna de Cordero (leg of lamb) and it was ‘ginormous’! I could not fit it all in, especially with the side of potatoes and veggies that came with all of the meats. But I made a valiant effort.

I particularly liked the potato because while it was mashed it had a nice crunchy top.

For dessert we had to have the Crema Catalana and it was superb. What we didn’t expect what that the restaurant would also give us dessert!

The house dessert was a cake that tasted like a very flurry/light powdered doughnut. It was heavenly. And there was also a chocolate cookie for each of us. Double yum!

Lastly the restaurant also gave us an aperitif on the house. So, I ended up with cava, tea and this shot of liquor to drink at the same time. Can you say triple fisting? Delicious meal! I will definitely be going back.


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