¡Te Amo Barcelona! Let’s Eat!

Hello boys and girls! I have been very very absent from blogging since getting to Barcelona, so now that I have Monday’s off (yay!) I’m going to make a greater effort to post at least once a week. And most importantly I will, of course, start with what I have been eating the last month and half because I definitely haven’t been making it myself.

My lovely roommate Rachid is from Senegal/Canada so when he found this local Senegalese restaurant near our apartment, Thiossan, I definitely had to try it. I had beef with peanut sauce and cous-cous. It was quite delicious, but I couldn’t finish it. I should have gone with rice instead of cous-cous. That’s a check on a bucket list for trying a new food a month! I recommend trying the juice with ginger.

Oddly enough, there has been no shortage of good pizza in Barcelona. This one was quite exceptional, at Stile. It was a spicy salami pizza, Diavola. At first I thought the portion was too big for one person…but then I ate the whole thing. It was amazing! It was the right amount of spiciness for me so I enjoyed it throughly.

A few weeks ago, I went to Día de Brasil, something only celebrated in Barcelona, to check out the capoeira and samba with a few friends. Monica, who is from Rio, helped us to decide what to eat. We had these amazing croquettes with chicken called, coxinha and of course a few caipirinha’s!

The next two pics are from two different occasions at the one restaurant I have repeat visited, TimeLine. It is a tiny little bar/restaurant in Gracia with menus in old books. It’s really quaint and never crowded. And the best part is the food is phenomenal, as are the mojitos. Above are mini pizzas casera and mini hamburguesas con bravas (kind of a build you own deal with the burgers). I will definitely be going back again soon!

Since I go to school in Sant Cugat and usually want to get back to Barcelona as quickly as possible after classes, I haven’t tried a whole lot of places there. But once day after coming back from futbol team practice (yes, I am on the fútbol team and no, I am not as spastic as I thought I was) we stopped into Kebab Sant Cugat for this delicious meal. This large wrap of delicious meaty goodness plus beer was only 6.50€. Everything is so cheap here, compared to New York! And I had leftovers for the next day, score!

Now this fancy pants meal was from a lovely vietnamese fusion restaurant called Me. The chef/owner comes to sit with you at the table to explain the menu and help you decide what to eat. This added to the great experience. I had the fried chicken with spinach, and fig. It was phenomenal, as were the spring rolls and salad we had as starters and the coulant de chocolate for dessert (this is chocolate lava cake. yum!). It was a little on the pricey end. But definitely worth it.

Lastly, I want to show you the meal I had this weekend at Famen. Don’t let the name deceive you, these were quite healthy portions and everything was savory and delicious. I had the lamb should (which is oddly labelled as espalda on the menu) and truffle mashed potatoes. I can’t pass up an opportunity to have truffle!! The lamb was crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. I wish I could have finished it all. Heck I wish I had some now!

I have been so many other places, but forget to capture the food porn. Barcelona is a foodie’s dream! Next time I’m write about real things. Ciao for now!


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