You may now call me Madam President

What a whirlwind week it has been at ESADE! If you remember my list of 27 things to accomplish while I am 27 you’ll see number 4 is “be the president of a club.” And I’ve done just that. You are reading the blog of the next ESADE Sports Business Club President. I’m so happy!

The race was tough since I was going against someone with a sports business background and I’m a career changer. But in the end it was my personality, ideas for the future and selflessness that won me the role. It was nearly tied, so it was a great race. I can’t wait to get into the role and start putting my plans into action, and in turn working toward my own goal of working for a sports company (hopefully Nike!).

I did learn a few things from this process:

  1. Don’t speak about the other candidate during your speech (I had a verbal diarrhea moment)
  2. Have confidence in my abilities and it will pay off
  3. I have a lot of great friends at ESADE, who know I’ll be great
  4. I have a few questionable friends who don’t believe in my abilities
  5. Some of my classmates are amazing presenters and I can learn from them

Time to get to work planning events and making those much needed sports contacts. Ta ta for now!



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