Reflecting on 27 and Planning for 28

I made this bucket list for 27 on my last birthday and tried to stick to it through the year. Boy, I did not realize how much there would be to do and see in my first year MBA. I purposefully put on more than I could do to challenge myself. It gives me a great heard start on 28!

  1. Get debt free – Almost there! (minus the new student loans 😡 ) 
  2. Run the Barcelona Marathon at sub 4 hours Well I ran it but not at sub-4, will have to try another
  3. Be in the Top 10% of ESADE MBA Students Possibly done! In top 30%, school doesn’t give 10%
  4. Be the President of a Club Done! Two clubs, Sports Business and Running
  5. Learn French A very long way to go 😡
  6. Become fluent in Spanish Getting there! (This will have to go before French)
  7. Try a new food a month More than done!
  8. Travel to San Sebastian Done! Will post about it soon!
  9. Dance In a way I did, salsa and bachata and won a competition 🙂
  10. Get my flexibility back Oye not there yet…
  11. Get my 6-pack back Same. Not there yet, but working on it
  12. Start my own side business Not yet. MBA is too busy
  13. Write my family history So behind on this!
  14. Volunteer I feel bad about this one and not finding time. 
  15. Raise money for Room to Read Raised money for BECA instead, Room to Read still in my thoughts
  16. Keep up this blog consistently Major fail, but working on it now
  17. Swim at least once a month Bigger fail, but I’m going to have to with a triathlon coming up!
  18. Get my driver’s license Didn’t have enough time in NY
  19. Live by myself This one is for 28, already have the place in mind
  20. Eat More Veggies Nom nom mmm veggies!
  21. Master the 10K Not a master, but working on it
  22. Join a running club I joined my school one, does that count? No. 
  23. Make 5 friends outside of ESADE Ekk…do wives and gfs of students count? No. 
  24. Cook a new dish a month Really slacking on cooking new things
  25. Live minimally Done! Only the necessary purchases (with a little liberty on eating out and travel)
  26. Learn to network better Working on it!
  27. Keep in touch with friends in the USA Whatsapp really helps!

It seems like very little got accomplished at 27, but truth be told I did so much more than I even expected. See this post. I’m well along on many of these tasks and far on others. I’m going to still work on it for 28. But the ones off the list give me room for more at 28. Here are the 10 new tasks making the list!

  1. Complete a triathlon
  2. Do everything on my Barcelona Bucket List
  3. Travel to Asia
  4. Get a post-MBA job offer
  5. Start drawing again
  6. Get better ball control in futbol 
  7. Stop being afraid of my emotions 
  8. Make a life plan for the next 10 years
  9. Try a water sport (wake boarding, surfing, anything!) 
  10. Graduate from ESADE Business School 

The last one is a copout, but also a major accomplishment in my life, how could I not put it!!


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