Attending an FC Barcelona Game As a Socio

Unfortunately Messi was not playing

Unfortunately Messi was not playing

I found when I was searching for sold out Mumford and Sons tickets earlier in the year. It’s the stubhub of Spain and a great resource if you’re willing to pay a little more for an event you want to attend. When MG wanted to see a game upon her arrival in Barcelona it was our best solution on short notice. As a present to me, she bought us tickets as socios for the game for more than $200 a pop. I was so grateful and excited to attend my second game! And even more excited because I had been playing football all year and was following the game more, Barça had just won La Liga!

View from our seats, thankfully covered

View from our seats, thankfully covered

The day has started a little gray but still we were unprepared for the sheets of pouring rain that we would encounter that night on the way to the game. We gave ourselves just enough time to arrive for the opening and pick-up our socio cards. Upon finding the meeting point we saw no one there and were getting really worried! Thankfully, you have to return the cards straight after the game so the viagogo folks were still around, staying dry in a nearby hotel bar! After getting our tickets we headed to the gate feeling more important than we were with our prime seating and fake-socio status. We experience the great fate of having covered seats (thank you MG!) and did not have to wallow in the rain while trying to catch the action. These were truly great seats, a treat indeed!

Even the bathroom experience was better than sitting up above, as there was no line, no waiting – wow. At a sporting event this large I was astounded that was possible. I think the lack of beer probably makes it easier. All around us the crowd was in good spirits, causing a wave that went around for almost 20 minutes. And the team didn’t disappoint with their performance. Man, I wish I could move the ball like that! I kept a keen eye on the midfielders, examine their every move to see if there was something I could take to the pitch the next time I played, but they were effortless, sending the ball from one side to the other with one swift kick with such precision that I know I would never be able to imitate.

Me and MG after the game

Me and MG after the game

Although Messi was not playing Barça was still on point and of course won the match! The crowd erupted despite being soggy and we were caught in the throngs of intensely proud football crowd. What we didn’t realize was there was supposed to be a big celebration because of the La Liga win and we should have stuck around for the party filled with fireworks and confetti. Oops! But after a long day it was good to get out when the Metro was still running and ahead of the thousands of fans that would soon be making their way in our direction.


2 thoughts on “Attending an FC Barcelona Game As a Socio

  1. Great personal account, with humor and personal touches thrown in (i.e., no lines at bathrooms!). As a Barcelona fan who lives thousands of miles away, it is great to read about this unique experience. By the way, I felt the same degree of amazement years ago when I saw top notch Brazilian teams doing amazing things with the ball, including incredibly effective long range passes. Barcelona has taken that magic even further during the past decade — and just wait til Neymar joins the team in a few days …!

    When you have a chance, check out my new blog ( Of course, it also includes a collection of his best videos.

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