El Jardín

Our delicious tapas spread

Our delicious tapas spread

I am quite a foodie, despite my small frame, so I love finding little gems in the most unexpected of places. We found El Jardín by accident when searching for a different tapas restaurant near by. Nestled into garden in a side street off of Plaça Reial, the restaurant/bar is aptly named. The serene atmosphere with outdoor seating, twinkling fairy lights draped along the terrace and a helpful friendly (hippie) staff. It was perfect for a small, quick meal, before heading to a flamenco show at Tarantos. We sampled almost everything on the menu (the picture doesn’t quite our visit justice)…and even cleared them out of cava in just under and hour – we have quite a healthy thirst that day.

Definitely worth a visit if you’re in town! I know I’ll be going back for certain. I can’t even recommend something to try because we loved everything!


El Jardín


2 thoughts on “El Jardín

  1. Christine says:

    Oh my gosh…seeing the lomo and the pan con tomate alone made me salivate. No fair as I sit at my desk eating a nutri-grain bar…blahhhh!

    • I’m working at a start-up this summer and there’s a guy working in another start-up in our incubator that is importing kits of making pan con tomate to the US (and eventually worldwide) with local ingredients. Hopefully it will catch on and you can replace that nutri-grain bar!!

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