Barcelona Beaches, Brunches, and Besties

CTh and Me at Nova Icaria

CTh and Me at Nova Icaria

I had an awesome weekend with on of my favorite people, CTh, on his brief stop over before heading to the states for the last bits of summer and his exchange in Texas. I don’t think I full realized how much I missed him until here was here and we were enjoying good food and good conversation like during the school year. As one of the few people I can be completely open with and have any conversation with, it was great to get to spend some time together if even just for a weekend. And I was getting kind of lonely in my apartment all by myself, so super grateful for the guest, especially one who would get rid of a half-dying cucaracha, do my dishes, and given me oodles of new shows and movies to watch. A perfect gentleman!

Monte Cristo at Milk

Monte Cristo at Milk

After my usually Saturday morning pilates/yoga session in Parc Ciutadella with one of my favorite gal pals, LS, we took advantage of the opportunity to add another brunch joint to our repertoire, Milk. This restaurants had come highly recommended from friends and guidebooks alike so we were excited to test it again recent excursions to Brunch & Cake and  Picnic. I must say I enjoyed my Monte Cristo, but not as much as my previous weekend brunch. LS’s eggs benny showed that someone had a heavy hand with the salt in the kitchen. Bleh! The soy milkshake was at least good, though it could have used a bit more fruit. A good brunch, but not the best. 

Chicken and Guac at La Singular

Chicken and Guac at La Singular

After brunch I was ecstatic that CTh arrived and ready to get the day going right with a stop at the beach after which he exposed me to a world of comedy shows that I didn’t know existed and suited my wry humor well. Dinner was at one of my favorite places La Singular. This small Spanish restaurant is right off of Plaça Vila de Gràcia and serves some of the most phenomenal meal you can imagine. I decided to go outside of my usual meal of the magret de pato con platanosThe chicken was just as good in a mild tangy sauce served with a side of guacamole.

Huevos Benedict at Brunch and Cake

Huevos Benedict at Brunch & Cake

Our next days brunch with a big group of friends was once again at Brunch & Cake. After our many brunch tasting in the past few weeks I was itching to get back and have another sure bet meal. CTh throughly enjoyed our meal from the night before and I didn’t want to disappoint! (I’m a people pleasure, I can’t help it!) The huevo benedict were divine. They are served on a sweet waffle with turkey instead of ham. This combination of salty and sweet was heaven for my taste buds. We even made a new friend in one of LS coworkers, HRG from Colombia. The only thing that made this day even better was mojitos and bacon wrapped dates at Timeline that night! Yum yum yum!

An a beautiful rainbow over Gràcia and Eixample

A a beautiful rainbow over Gràcia and Eixample

Oh and there was a rainbow over the city on Thursday night, a double rainbow at that, just thought I’d share. =) Another great foodie weekend in the books!


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