10 Days to Half Marathon

Source: Nike Running UK Facebook Page

In 10 days I’ll be at the start-line at the Nike Run to the Beat Half Marathon hoping to beat my previous PR of 1:59:24. This summer in Barcelona has been hot and humid making me want to stay in doors or consider other physical activities like swimming and biking over running. Despite this fact I think I’m more prepared then I have been for a race. The variety in my training and not feeling too overwhelmed it has made me more calm and given me the opportunity to both enjoy the summer and prepare my body.

The festivities in my neighborhood are over, but the MBAs are coming back, new students are joining and I have 20 days of vacations to look forward to. How am I going to stay on track and improve my performance? If this last week is any indiction, it’s going to be hard! So, I’ve come up with an action plan.

  1. Continue to track workouts and meals on myfitnesspal.com and runkeeper
  2. Incorporate Mammoth Hunters PaleoTraining into my routine (these short 15 minute or less workouts will give me high impact training without taking up too much of my time)
  3. Enjoy the cities I visit by engaging in various sports and some sightseeing runs (what better way to experience a city!)

Tracking thing online keeps me honest and gives me the satisfaction of knowing I am sticking with it. I’ve already contact my airbnb host to see if knows about some good running routes. So on to the next challenge – packing!


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