End of the MBA

Oh man. I have not written anything since October. Let’s just say my world got a little turned around with an Australian and I lost track of time and JD’s SF blog just reminded me that I should be keeping this up. So I’ll just give a short re-cap of the past 5 months.

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach

October: Discovering Waikiki Beach was amazing. Except we weren’t able to stay for the weekend because our amazing airbnb apartment fell through.


Halloween Horror Clinic

Amazing rooftop Halloween party at JM’s. We made it into a creepy clinic and we were the “mad” nurses and doctor.

Amazing Rock Climbing and Wine Tasting in Siurana

Amazing Rock Climbing and Wine Tasting in Siurana

November: We travelled down to Siurana for a weekend of rock climbing, wine tasting and hiking. Too bad most of our weekend was rained out. But that rain was not enough to masque the beauty of the area. And I found an amazing love of my life, the Priorat Region of Wine!

More wine in Penedes

More wine in Penedes

And yet more wine tasting in Penedes for a lovely one night trip with a great group.



Hosting a 60 person Thanksgiving dinner (at CD’s apartment while he was in California) and making not one, but two turkeys!

Casino Nite Failure

Casino Nite Failure

December: Hosting a (failed) fundraising casino event that caused me lots of stress, but looked beautiful. Too bad there were not enough guest, it would have been amazing!

It was back to NY for a few weeks before returning for the final 3 months of the MBA that have flown by so quickly.

MM's Birthday Dinner

MM’s Birthday Dinner

January – February: Two semi-uneventful months as it has been a lot of job searching, sorting out issues of the heart, celebrating birthday and saying a few good-byes.

Paella Class

Paella Class

March: I went to a paella making class with my good friend CD. I’m going to miss him the most. I hope that the jobs, that we will eventually get, lead us to the same city again soon. At least I have another month to enjoy with him and a few others.

As we near the end of the month my dad will be arriving, with a new laptop for me (thanks parents!!) and we’ll be heading down to Fallas for a shit show of a party before the amazing 400 person graduation dinner that I have been planning since the summer. No job yet, but an interesting project coming my way for a race in Ethiopia in August. Hopefully I can find my way to stay in Europe. I’m here until the end of May at least.


6 thoughts on “End of the MBA

    • Oh man, JD download the app vivino so that you can follow my wines. Amazing! (if you can find (GR-174 in SF it’s absolutely amazing! I’ll have to find a way to get you some if you cannot!)

  1. Christine says:

    Congrats on an amazing year. Just know that you have inspired a fellow New Yorker to get out there and do it! Fingers crossed heading for Masters in Madrid come September. Here’s to your next chapter. 🙂

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