To the Class of 2014!!

Casa Llotja del Mar

Casa Llotja del Mar

Today, received an email with the profession pictures and video from the day of our MBA graduation. The pictures are beautiful, so I figured I would share some (that are me centric). Program Management pulled off the event well with a lovely ceremony in the beautiful Casa Llotja de Mar. The room looked so grand. I still can’t believe that this 18-months of the MBA is over and I have three new little letters after my name.

Pre-hug with Greg

Pre-hug with Greg

I remember this moment exactly, while others seemed to go by like a blur. Seeing Greg, my favorite stoner genius decked out in suit and tie I couldn’t help but comment how well he cleaned up! He’s definitely one of the best people who I met in this MBA. I’m so thankful for everyone that I met and all of the new experiences that we had, and all of the love and friendship shared. These 1.5 years were really something I won’t forget for the rest of my life.

Many why was I not smiling more!

Man, why was I not smiling more!

Certification of Participation received!

Certification of Participation received!

I wish they has captured me smiling, but all I was thinking about was getting to the dinner  venue (fast!) in between the speeches and the end of the ceremony!

Cheers to the Class of 2014!

Cheers to the Class of 2014!

ESADE Class of 2014, I will not forget you! Here’s to many more amazing moments together in the futures. And fingers crossed from ending up in the same city (if not the same country…if not the same continent)!


2 thoughts on “To the Class of 2014!!

  1. Thanks Christine! I’m going to try to stay. I’m deep in the application process now. There are some new Spanish laws that make it easier to get a visa if you have graduated from a Spanish university or plan an entrepreneurial venture. Check out the “Entrepreneurial Support Act of 27 September 2013” if you want to stay after your MBA. Useful to know before you even go into the job search. I’m not sure too many companies are even aware.

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