Nike Cursa Bomber

My Cursa Bomber Results

My Cursa Bomber Results

With all of the responsibilities/fun of the last year of the MBA, it has been so long since I completed a race (October 2013 for the Garmin Triathlon), so taking on the Nike Cursa Bomber this morning was a bit tough, but also refreshing. I’m finally back in the mood to run and race again and I couldn’t be happier! I just needed to clear my mind a bit.

The race was great, but a bit hot and crowded, but no more than I expected. I love the momentum of the crowd even it was slowing me down. I was just taking it easy and not worrying too much about getting past people or pushing it, since my last runs were not long. I’ve been training at 8:30 pace, but just didn’t have it in my this morning. I just wanted to have fun and enjoy the race. And I definitely did. I’m still loving the Nike shirts with the bib number already on them. Really takes out a bit of the hassle of getting ready in the morning. The instant results and the map above from Nike+ is also a nice way to visualize the race.

I’m excited to keep the momentum going, get back down to 8:00/8:15 pace, and sign-up for the next one!


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