Who’s up for a Marathon?

Run Keeper Records

Run Keeper Records

There’s just something about sunshine that makes me want to work out. Going on a midday run, soaking in some natural vitamin C and coming home sweaty and accomplished really helps to brighten the rest of my day. I think that’s part of the reason why I love living in Barcelona. For the majority of the year, even if it is a bit chilly out, it’s still incredibly sunny. I was looking at my run keeper profile today and realizing just how much I haven’t been taking advantage of this over the past few months, whether from stress, emotions or general busyness. Now that I’m graduated, and essentially unemployed, I have the time to get back into a healthy routine for my body and mind. It also helps to break-up the job search and gets me away from the computer. This morning I reached a personal best (well of the runs that I actually remember to record) and did a little over a 5k at 8:19 pace. I’m contemplating another marathon. As I get closer to employment, it will be the best way to keep up my routine despite any other commitments. Now to convince some friends to join me…


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