1st Place Age Group, I Didn’t Know!

#1 (out of three) age group Maratona di Roma, 2009

#1 (out of three) age group Maratona di Roma, 2009

I was updating my athlinks profile today to add the international races that I have completed since living in Barcelona (unfortunately a lot of them don’t get recognized in the system…grrr!) and looking down the list I am only now realizing that I was number 1 in my age group in my very first race, the Maratona di Roma 2009. Granted I was still super duper slow, walked a lot, and was first out of only three people, but still, I love it! I can’t believe that it took me until now, 5 years later, to actual realize this.

Looking through the results there were only 7 people (male and female) in the 20-24 age group that year, a fact that I has drastically changed (191 finishers in 2014 in this age group) as long-distance running because a much more popular sport. Thankfully I am a lot faster as well and much more fit. I’m really enjoying putting together my race calendar for the next year…if only I knew what city I will be living in!


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