My Post-MBA Journey

New York City Skyline

To relocate home and/or work away from the hustle and bustle of the city will be a compelling force, from now till the end of the year, as you seek to expand your need for freedom. Love will feature strongly under this month’s vibrations (and for the next few months) – allow yourself to both express and receive it.

I’ve become a bit obsessed with reading books that probe my mind, both on business and spirituality, recently completing one on numerology. Like most girls I grew up reading my astrology for the month in teeny bopper magazine and trying to predict the things that would be happening in my life. I think this was (is) always about finding direction and believing that there is a greater plan to the way that things turn out in life. It’s going with the saying that our mom’s always pass down “Everything Happens for a Reason”.

I’m starting to see this more and more when I look at back on events that were emotionally traumatic when they happened, but months later unfold into amazing alternatives, chance meetings, and opportunities. I try to never stay in a negative mindset for too long because I know this to happen time and time again, as it just did…

I’m happy to report after a few months of job searching I have a three-month consulting project in NY with a Barcelona based company! Hopefully this will lead to something full-time in BCN after the “internship” phase. It came about when meeting a friend of a friend after the Cursa Bombers and everything has gone rapid fire since. And surprisingly all of the bureaucracy has been pretty light. I was able to fill out document with the tax office and the security office in record time with minimal efforts. Now just to pack-up my apartment, book my flight with the travel department and enjoy my last weekend of funemployment. See running/sport does bring so many amazing things. The puzzle pieces seem to be falling into place. So grateful!


One thought on “My Post-MBA Journey

  1. Christine says:

    That is wonderful and you’re coming back to NYC just in time for Spring (you know how the city comes alive). Sounds like more good things are on the horizon. Here’s to the future.

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