This weekend the sun decided not to even peek out for a bit so it was a good thing that I didn’t event attempt to go to the beach. This back and forth weather is really depressing, but there are still lots of great things to take advantage of at the weekend despite feeling like we have regressed into fall. So, on Sunday, I joined two friends, and inadvertently the greater ESADE 1st year music lovers, for Brunchtronik. An event that occurred three times this spring with live DJ sets, day drinking, and as you may have guessed…brunch food (although I didn’t take advantage of that). Hipsters from all over filled out the place to the seems, though, there was ample room for socializing over a few reasonably priced beers. Got to love Barcelona, even when you’re at an event the beer prices rarely go up very much. The music was decent (check out Baldo), but seemed to just be for ambiance and not a feature. But, that was okay for a nice day enjoying a few beers and catching up with friends. Not a bad way to spend a gray Sunday.


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