Vall de Nuria Camping


After constantly seeing signs for Vall de Nuria on the FGC I was a bit skeptical that our camping weekend was going to be a tourist trap. But upon arrive (fully by public transport!) we ended up in an amazingly underrated campground at the base of the Pyrenees with the most vibrant, lush nature and animals roaming free all around us. On our first day we planned to take is easy with a 2-3 hour hike, but ended up going hard for 6 hours. A restaurant meal and some botellóning were the ideal end to the night before tucking away in our tents. Despite my over packing of food, we would have run out the next day.




Cesar and I awoke the next morning to the most beautiful sight through the window of his tent, four beautiful full-grown horses grazing on the hill not more than 15 meters away. Unfortunately, his super fancy camera died the day before (lesson learned!) and we didn’t get the capture just how fantastic and awe-inspiring the view was. It really made our day start off the right way. After another jaw dropping, beautiful 3-hour hike we were exhausted and satiated from our time spent in nature. I can tell you with certainty that we will be back before you know it!




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