Becoming a Maruja


Over the past 4 week I have slowly accepted that I am becoming a maruja, the castellano word for housewife (the non-rich kind) that has become oddly relevant vocabulary, albeit with no husband or children. Being unassigned after a jam back 2,5 months in Africa has been a bit to cope with, but I’m starting to get the sensation that I would enjoy this for a year or two when having children and a very established life. I have been using my free time to re-decorate my apartment (to the extent that I can in a fully furnished place), cleaning absolutely everything, and that Singer sewing machine above…I used that to make my very first pillow. Maruja. It does help that I have a good friend/intercambio buddy who is in the process of looking for a new job and free during the day like me. But she’s a real maruja with a family.

There's my pillow! Africa themed. Tanzi really rubbed off on me.

There’s my pillow! Africa themed. Tanzi really rubbed off on me.

It has become a great opportunity to focus on developing my life in Barcelona more (meeting new people, working on my language skills, learning new skills, taking classes, getting more fit, really refine my Spotify playlists), but also given me time to do some close travel to visit friends from the MBA who became very near and dear to me. Here are some shots of London where I went to visit Marilyn. I absolutely love the Christmas decorations everywhere! Covert Garden was particularly beautiful. I think Barcelona does Christmas lite (apart from the funny traditions), so it’s great to visit a place where you feel consumed by Christmas. It really gets you in the spirit.

IMG_6943These are Ben’s cookies. So fluffy and almost cake like. If you have never had these please stop by the next time you are in London. They were amazing. We had a hard time deciding between the buy 5 get 2 free or by 10 get 5 free. In the end we settled on less excess. The mulled wine made up for that though. 

IMG_6942 IMG_6944And Paris wasn’t half bad either. We had a very French time, over paying for coffee, getting rude waiters, eating lots of cheese, baguettes and pate by the Eiffel Tour, duck confit, amazing wine, loads of rain, Laduree…But the best part was getting to see these crazies. I miss having them around so much. Unfortunately, I’ll be in NY when they come back to visit Barna! Post-MBA real life responsibilities come before vacations. ::sigh:: Oh how life has changed in the last 7 months.

IMG_7033I’m getting in the holiday spirits now. My apartment decorating has extended to Christmas decorating. (Look at this little pink tree I got in London! Ridiculous! I love it!) I’m preparing for hosting a small holiday party next weekend.

IMG_7055Tomorrow morning I’m off early for an IKEA visit. Time to cozy up into my bed and crack open Neruda’s Cien Sonetos de Amor.

JD I miss you loads! This post is for you!!


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