2014, What a year!


And it’s not over yet! I recently has a bit of an emotional time and as I sit on my couch this Sunday morning I thought what better thing to do this 7th of December than reflect back on all of the accomplishments and happenings of this past year to put things into better perspective. It’s probably mundane to read, but this is just for me.

– Rang in the NY with great friends back in NY. The last time we would ever spend in that apartment together. And maybe all together for a long time
– Ended a rocky relationship that just wasn’t right for either of us
– Experienced the Turkish baths in Barcelona with a great friend who has now moved to South Africa
– Went to Joan Miro for the first time. Good bucket list check
– Played football one last time against the girls from IESE

– Saw the Deloitte sports event I was planning come to fruition through the next Sports Business Club president
– Found the perfect venue for graduation

– Took a paella class with on of my best friends and his sister
– Met the parents of my great friends from the MBA and spent some amazing time partying with them
– Got my dad to drink cocktails and party to 4am
– Fallas!! Need I say more!
– Graduated from ESADE with an MBA and had an amazing success with the party
– Many goodbye dinners and parties
– Planned to stay until the end of May to job search. If nothing move back in June…

– Went camping for the first time
– Starting helping a small company do marketing for a marathon in Ethiopia
– Celebrated Easter with some great friends over Greg’s meatloaf, with a new drawing of sexy Jesus hanging over the table
– Ran the Cursa Bombers and in turn got a job less than two weeks later! (well an internship to start). Right on time for beginning of May and to relieve my stressed out soul.
– Traveled to Menorca with the three amazing ladies for one last, last-minute adventure before starting to work again

– Thought I was moving back to NY for three months, ended up staying and getting to keep my apt. Quite a kismet moment
– Restarted my intercambio that was lost a bit in the hectic time at the end of the MBA
– Decided to take a risk in love and not right off one bad night
– Said goodbye to my lovely Thai friends who was starting an amazing new adventure at Google in Sydney after living together for a few months

– Turned 29…one more year to go before 30…
– Went to Sonar and feel in love with the music of FM Belfast and had some hilarious moments with my Brazilian friends
– Bought an acoustic guitar again and jammed with a good friend on his uke
– Went camping a second time in Vall de Nuria

– Tried slacklineing for the first time
– Offered a full-time position at my company!
– Went on my first consulting trip to Serbia and it was a success
– Started dinners with Marta and Ramon

– Celebrated one day of Festes de Gracia before going to Tanzania to start my second consulting project
– Traveled all around Tanzania doing field research

– Went to Zanzibar…albeit to work the whole time. But we got a few hours to see it.
– Learned how to market size while one a one week trip home from Tanzi
– Went on Safari in Selous Game Reserve. Wow. Such an unforgettable experience.

– Did some analysis that I was super proud of and was well received by the client
– Came home for one more visit and thankfully had the dates work out well so that I could see an important person twice
– Ended the Tanzanian project with a great review from the client and an extreme love of Africa. I want to go back!

– Made the hard decision to tell someone I love them, not matter the consequence
– Traveled to London and Paris to visit great friends from the MBA that I hadn’t seen in a few months
– Held the beautiful new baby boy of my crazy Catalan friend
– Started a second intercambio and friend finding mission (I’ve been feeling stressed about meeting new people, but I realize now I’ve only been home for a month since this project ended. That’s not so much time.)
– Didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time in my life, but had a great dinner nonetheless
– Went to a Chemical Brother’s DJ set that was phenomenal and smiled so much that my jaw was sore the next day

– Got over my bad feelings from the relationship of January and have had friendly emails. Also, made a list of things I was happy about during that time
– Sewed my first pillow. While a completely random event it was nice to create something and feel like I was learning
– Made another hard decision to give up on something I really want
– Met more Catalan youth, had a silly time, and realized how much I feel the pull of my 30. I can’t have the same fun with 23-26 year olds. I miss the MBA…

So what’s to come. More amazing things. While I don’t feel completely settled into life in Barcelona yet I’m getting there. I’ve been getting my exercise routine in check, redecorating my place to make it feel more like me, planning for a little Christmas party, playing my guitar, working on my 5 and 10 years plans so I don’t feel so unfulfilled. A great deal of good time with myself is not going to waste. And I have an amazing trip home and to Thailand coming up. Should all go to plan. I’m ready to enjoy the rest of December and ring in the new year on a positive note!!


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