Catalan Christmas Traditions!


I learn something new every year that I am in Spain about the traditions during Christmas time (not to mention all of the festivities during the rest of the year). Above is a picture of a giant pasta shell, that is a symbol of Christmas because it is use in a Catalan soup made for Christmas day. And the city has decided to place many of them around the city. It’s not quite holly, but it is quite interesting. You can find them “hidden” or placed rather, all over the city.

As of course is our old friend Caga Tío. The log that poops out presents for little kids once feed sufficiently and beaten. Last night, I had a little christmas gathering with my friends where we did a pongo (like secret santa/white elephant, but with silly gifts) and participated in my first beating of the Tío. My Tío is quite small (and I think it’s time to invest in a bigger log) but you can see the amazement on young Miguelitos face as miraculously, after we went to the kitchen to wet the stick with which he would beat the Tío, a present was pooped out under the blanket for Miguel to enjoy. (This was Júlia’s family tradition to wet the stick, because of course that makes the poop come out faster!) Holidays in Catalunya never get old.



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