Ringing in the New Year in Koh Samui, Thailand


This year was the first year in my life that I didn’t celebrate NYE in New York. I decided to join some friends from the MBA in Koh Samui, Thailand to ring in the new year from an ultra luxury villa on top on Bo Phut Hills. And what a fantastic idea what was! Equipped with private chefs and the ability to order in spa services (massage everyday!) there was very little that got us out of this villa. What an amazing way to say hello to 2015!

I dream about the sunrise and sunset from this amazing house. Every new year should be this special. We didn’t explore to much of the island, just a few beaches (Coral Cove and Crystal Bay were full of trash! ew!) and Fisherman’s village. The village was cool, basically a little market leading to the beach where we found a nice spot for drinks in the sand. It was a great spot to jump our 7 waves and get 7 wishes for the year to come. Let’s see if they come true!

IMG_7264 IMG_7279 IMG_7284 IMG_7333 IMG_7330 IMG_7293


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