The next project…back to the USA

Next assignment

I’m very excited to note that my next assignment is going to be to the US. I haven’t been home (New York City) since last December and this project will take me right up to Christmas. This is great news as I will be going to NY, LA, Miami and Dallas. All places that I have good friends and family. And all great cities to visit. I’ll get to be in warm weather for longer than usual, which will more than make up for the two months of summer missed in South Africa. And I won’t have to pay for a last-minute flight home for the holidays!

I’m going to plan out our trip and the field research well to get an opportunity to also travel in the weekends to see friends in San Fran, Austin & Houston (the majority of my time will be in Dallas). I really am pretty blessed to live in an amazing city (Barcelona) plus have the opportunity to travel all over the whole, getting paid well, learning a lot and being able to experience life in many new places. Though the US is not new to me, I haven’t been to Texas before, so it will be a new enriching experience and give me the much-needed time back home to reconnect with my old life. I’m stoked!



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